May 31, 2023
How long does it take for a humidifier to work: Best Helpfull Tips

How long does it take for a humidifier to work

In the winter months, the dry air in the house can cause you discomfort. A humidifier can fix this, but the question remains – how long does it take for a humidifier to work? It all depends on the size of your room, the temperature, and the power of the humidifier itself.How long does it take for a humidifier to work

What are the benefits of a humidifier?

There are a lot of benefits of the humidifier, some of which you may not even guess:

  • The humidifier improves air quality by increasing its humidity to a healthy level.
  • The humidifier helps prevent the appearance of illness during the cold season.
  • Moist air can facilitate breathing when coughing and runny nose, and in general, the humidifier helps to alleviate the symptoms of flu and colds.
  • If there is humid air in your house, then you will never face such a problem as dry skin and hair.
  • Humid air in the bedroom significantly improves the quality of sleep.
  • During operation, the humidifier creates white noise. This sound can calm and block external noises.
  • The humidifier will be useful to you if you have a baby. First of all, moist air is more beneficial for a baby’s breathing than dry air. And white noise will make the baby’s sleep strong and long.

How long does it take for a humidifier to work and warm up?

If you have a cool mist humidifier, then it starts working immediately after switching it on, if you have a warm mist humidifier, then it takes 5-10 minutes to warm up until the heating elements warm up the water.

When the humidifier starts working, it will take you from a few minutes to several hours to see the result.

The humidity level will gradually increase, as more and more water molecules from the humidifier will enter the air.

It should be remembered that humidifiers have different power, and different volumes and the room can be large or small. That is, the operating time of your humidifier depends on many factors.

For example, an evaporative humidifier will take about 30 minutes to start working, while an ultrasonic humidifier will take about 2 hours.

Factors affecting the effectiveness of the humidifier

If you are not completely satisfied with the work of your humidifier, then perhaps you did not take into account the following factors before buying.

Types of humidifiers

You can humidify not only one room but your entire house with one humidifier. In this case, the humidity level throughout the house will be the same, and you will have nothing to worry about. However, such humidifiers are quite expensive.

Vaporizers have high efficiency, they humidify the air well due to warm steam, but in summer, this can increase the temperature in the room.

Evaporative humidifiers and ultrasonic humidifiers can make the temperature in the room cooler. However, they work in too small an area, so you may need additional fan work.

The impeller humidifier is not as effective as the previous types, but it is the most affordable on the market.

The output rate of your humidifier

The more water the humidifier can release, the faster you will feel the effect of its operation. Therefore, choose a humidifier with a higher output rate if you want it to work faster.

Room size

The same humidifier shows different output rates in a large and small rooms. It is logical that the air will be filled with water molecules in a small room faster than in a large one.


For example, in rainy weather, in the morning, or the summer, the output rate of your humidifier increases because the humidity of the environment is also high.

Room structure

Open windows or doors impair the output rate of the humidifier. It will need more time to raise the humidity level to the ideal.


Wooden furniture and carpets can absorb some of the water molecules, so the humidity level in the room will rise more slowly.

Humidifier placement

The ideal place for a humidifier is in the middle of the room on a table. So the water vapor is evenly dispersed throughout the room.

How to increase the effectiveness of the humidifier?

First of all, choose the humidifier model that suits you according to the area of the room. Do not open windows and doors while the humidifier is running. You can use a fan, so it will allow the water vapor to be evenly distributed throughout the room. In addition, install the humidifier in the middle of the room and at some elevation.

Pay attention to the water you use for the humidifier.

The best water for a humidifier is distilled water. Distilled water contains no mineral impurities, no harmful bacteria, and mold. Distilled water will help you improve the air quality.

While you are not using a humidifier, in no case leave water in it, as bacteria and mold will begin to multiply there.

How can you know if your humidifier is working?

The most effective way to determine the humidity level in a room, and at the same time to find out if your humidifier is working, is a hygrometer. There are models of humidifiers with a built-in hygrometer, you can also buy it separately.

Also, in the room where the humidifier is working, the air becomes a little cooler, breathing improves, and you may notice a decrease in the level of static electricity.

How long should you leave the humidifier on?

It all depends on the humidity level. A good humidity level in a room is considered to be 30-50%. To achieve this result, your humidifier may need approximately 12 hours. However, it all depends on the size of the room and the power of the humidifier.

How to choose the best humidifier for your home?

Choose the humidifier that suits your needs. Let’s see what are the differences between cool mist humidifiers and warm mist humidifiers.

Warm mist humidifier

Such a humidifier heats the water so that it turns into water vapor. The great advantage of such a humidifier is that boiling water helps to kill any mold and bacteria so that they do not get into the air together with steam. And because there is no built-in fan in the design of the warm mist humidifier, this device is very quiet.

Cool mist humidifier

Cool mist humidifiers consume little energy, it is also suitable for large rooms. The humidifier works by releasing an ultra-thin mist into the air.

Ultrasonic humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifiers are becoming more popular every year. They use little water and make the temperature in the room cooler.

Read reviews

Before buying a humidifier, read what people write about it. No one better than the users themselves will tell you about the pros and cons of a humidifier.

Consider the size of the room

Perhaps this is the most important factor to pay attention to before buying a humidifier. After all, the effectiveness of the humidifier directly depends on the size of the room in which it was installed.

The best places to store your humidifier


Probably, the bedroom is the place that needs humidifiers the most, since high-quality air directly affects the quality of your sleep. If you have problems with snoring or apnea, then an air humidifier is an indispensable device for you.

Living room

So that all residents of the house could equally breathe high-quality humidified air, then you can install a humidifier in the living room.

In addition, humid air reduces the likelihood of the spread of germs and allergies.

Whole house humidifier

If you care about the air quality in the whole house, then, perhaps, a whole-house humidifier is an excellent solution for you. Usually, such humidifiers are attached to the furnace.

Cleaning your humidifier

Water is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold, so you should clean your humidifier regularly.

  • White vinegar. White vinegar will perfectly clean all the components of your humidifier, besides it is a safe remedy that copes as well as any other cleaning agent.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has no odor, so to clean the humidifier, you can add only half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to the humidifier tank. This method of cleaning will also prevent the appearance of mold and bacteria.

How long does it take for a humidifier to help with congestion?

In a small room, after 30 minutes of operation of the humidifier, you will feel how it became easier for you to breathe.

If the room is large and the humidifier is small, then the result may appear after a few hours of operation of the humidifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my humidifier is working?

You can determine whether your humidifier is working using a hygrometer – this is a device that measures the humidity level in a room. Just focus on your feelings, and it becomes easier to breathe in a room with a humidifier.

Should humidifier run all night?

If you turn on the humidifier before going to bed, it will take several hours for it to increase the humidity level in the room. If the humidifier was turned on in your room throughout the day, then at night you can only reduce its power so that the humidifier maintains the humidity level throughout the night.

How long should you run a humidifier in your room?

It all depends on the room size and the power of the humidifier. In general, to achieve an ideal humidity level of 30-50%, you may need a few hours of humidifier operation.

Is it better to run humidifier day or night?

If you spend time in your room only at night, it is wise to use a humidifier only at night. If this is your office or a children’s playroom, turn on the humidifier during the day.


So, how long does it take for a humidifier to work? Humidifier work time depends on the size of the room, the humidifier’s power, the type of humidifier, and the desired humidity level. But in general, we can say that to achieve a humidity level of 30-50%, the humidifier can work from an hour to a few hours.

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