September 26, 2023
pipe garment rack

Industrial Pipe Clothing Racks


Nowadays hangers are an integral part of the furniture and interior design. They are used for storing clothes. If there are wheels at the hanger, then you can move clothes, for example, during cleaning or moving to another place. Thus, all the clothes are not just folded on the shelf, but are in a suspended state and retain their shape. You can also use a special cover so that the clothes not only retain their shape but also the color is not lost and does not fade from an external light source. In small apartments or dorms, a closet with clothes can take up a lot of space. Moreover, it costs much more than a hanger. Not all clothes can be stored in the closet space. You can place almost everything on the hanger: shirts, T-shirts, trousers, underwear, pants, tie, and so on. The hanger is a practical item and comes in handy in absolutely any room to always look neat and clean.


The industrial-style hanger will diversify the design of your room. How many of your friends use this style in their room?

Industrial style is becoming very popular, so you will always be in the trend at the peak of fashion. The industrial hanger looks nice and more solid and expensive than the usual one. For the base and frame, pipes are used, which creates this unique design of the unit. Depending on the color of the pipes, you can create unique projects that will fit into any interior. Using a hanger made of solid materials with a base of pipes will increase the service life of this item because all pipes are reliably protected from moisture and sunlight. All pipes are securely attached to each other. The whole design looks great. Rather, fill the hanger with your favorite clothes and see how the interior of your room has changed. You will feel the difference and be pleasantly surprised. Furniture made of this material is super easy to clean and does not collect harmful bacteria on the cover. It is enough to remove the dust with a damp cloth and the hanger will shine again as if you just brought it from the store.


OROPY Industrial Pipe Garment Rack Free Standing


Pros: attractive design, compact size, durability.

Cons: necessary to carefully fasten the parts using tools. If not assembled correctly, it can be unstable.


This garment rack is built of vintage iron pipes. The pipe garment rack is perfect for any room with a different interior. This is one of the best racks in the store. The entire structure is made in high quality with a reliable sturdy and easy pipe connection. And the lower four flanges help the industrial pipe clothing rack to stand steadily on a floor without willing back and forth.


Let all your clothes be kept in the right shape and not lose their quality. With a convenient hanger, you do not have to constantly look for something in a dark closet, here it is much easier to look for clothes and easy to put the clothes on the industrial pipe garment rack. The hanger is perfectly suitable for shop windows, boutiques, for home and office recreation rooms, for the living room, laundry room and hallway. The hanger is easy to assemble according to the manual, all the pieces are easy to connect, and the structure itself has a very small weight and compact design for any room. It took me about 30 minutes to get all pieces together and finish the pipe garment rack diy.


Simple Houseware Industrial Pipe Clothing Garment Rack


Pros: compact design, beautiful bronze color, durable material.

Cons: requires reliable assembly using tools. No wheels for moving around.


This model is very convenient and practical. It is made of high-quality metal material – pipes, which creates a unique beautiful design and will add some variety to your dressing room.

Do you like a rich, serious bronze color? Then this model is for you.

You can fill the entire hanger with your clothes because it is easy to put it on. It stands firmly on the floor thanks to its simple practical design and it is very durable. All your coats and blouses will hang in one place, they are convenient to choose and planned to try on. Also, this model has a special lower shelf, on which you can also put together clothes or shoes. Bottom shelves should help you to organize even more clothes. The hanger is easy to assemble according to the manual after purchase, it will not take much time. It is also very simple to wash the pipe rack: the main part can be cleaned with a rag with water, and at the bottom there is a place for vacuuming.

We highly recommend this clothes rack. Simple modern design, no extra unnecessary accessories, all this will make the interior of your room modern and beautiful with this one pipe clothing rack.


Modern racks help to save space in a room, perfectly affect the quality and appearance of your clothes. The unique industrial design will make the interior of your room attractive, cozy and modern.


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