December 4, 2023
Make A Loft Apartment Feel Cozy: Best Modern Tips & Top Review

How do you make a loft apartment feel cozy: original features of your interior design. How to make the space more stylish and support the industrial vibe?

Recently, loft-style interiors have been in great demand. Often, these apartments are open-plan, so it can be difficult to create a coherent atmosphere. Quite often people wonder, how you make the loft apartments feel cozy. More about loft space you can read in this article.

make a loft apartment feel cozy

Creating a separate space

If you wonder, how you make the loft apartments feel cozy, open space should be created first. And here a completely logical question arises, how do I organize my loft apartment? It is recommended to use furniture as room dividers for the loft space into separate zones to create the effect of several rooms.

It is important to work so that all constructed sections are serviceable.

Therefore, you need to make a drawing of the room in advance to understand how the furniture is located. Use of racks for books, sofas, and tables is allowed. They help to delimit the created sections.

If you’re zoning your living space, place the sofa and large armchair so that they form an L. Place small tables on both sides to create a seating area. Opposite the sofa, hang a TV and a game console. An additional coffee table in the center looks beautiful.

The formation of an office zone is allowed. For this, a desk is installed, and a small shelf for books. It is convenient to use them as storage space. Don’t forget to put on a comfortable office chair.

Making loft space with carpets

Quite often, people ask the question, how can I make my loft apartment look nice? Do not focus solely on furniture. Carpets, which can be of different sizes, help to visually delimit the loft space. At the same time, the zone differs in autonomy and style.

This is the best option if the loft style is planned in the bedroom area or the living space. However, some designers advise using carpets even in the hallway and in the dining area. This fills the loft apartments with comfort.

It is recommended to choose floor coverings that have natural light and neutral shades. This fills the space with airiness and lightness. If you can’t refuse bright accents, feel free to buy bright carpets. However, they must be the only bright detail in the interior.

If there are a lot of bright accents in the room, it seems too congested. In just a few weeks, you get tired of such an interior and think about repair again. It is recommended to leave passages that are 36 inches wide. This saves enough space.

Not everyone succeeds in forming separate sections and maintaining openness in the loft style. Especially if the room is small. You should always have enough space to place tracks. Otherwise, the space seems too cramped, and it is uncomfortable to live in it.

If the apartment has a path leading from the living room to the kitchen, it is important to take care in advance that the rest of the interior moves away from the path at a distance of 36 inches. This applies to the gallery wall, decorative elements, and furniture.

Use of folding screens or panels. Installation of unique fixtures. Choice of decorative elements

Such elements help replace partitions. At the same time, they are an excellent alternative to walls. To create a more intimate atmosphere, it is recommended to create the illusion of walls. For these purposes, folding screens and panels that move apart are perfect ideas that help you to make individual rooms.

They are lightweight, so if necessary, you can change their location. This does not require binding to a specific layout, compiled in advance.

If possible, you can attach rails to the high ceilings. This is to allow curtains to be hung. To make the apartment seem more spacious, it is enough to open the curtains. When you want to retire, just close them enough. On market, there are sliding walls and shelves for books, which can also be used for these purposes.

At the same time, such partitions have great constancy. This solution helps to make the bedroom secluded. You can change clothes and sleep in an inconspicuous place. Partitions are appropriate if you need to separate the bedroom from the workplace so that attention is not distracted.

To separate the space, you can use various kinds of lamps. It is better to hang a chandelier over the dining area to create a secluded atmosphere. In the kitchen, you can place pendant lights that fill it with warmth and help zone the space.

The cable lighting looks beautiful. This helps to adjust the lamps so that only the necessary areas of the house are illuminated.

Many people ask, how do you make an industrial loft cozy? To make the interior seem solid, it is recommended to use elements that are repeated. Choose decorations that have the perfect pattern, shape, hue, and texture to suit different areas. This creates a unified environment.

The whole loft-style house can be decorated in warm neutral shades. This makes the interior richer. Then place accents using fuchsia tones. You get a single design, and the rooms do not stand out from the general interior.

It is appropriate to use forms that are repeated to create integrity. For example, it is appropriate to place rounded picture frames and clocks on the walls. In another room, a rounded carpet and a round dining table look beautiful.

Applying bright colors to the loft apartments

Considering that the loft style implies the creation of an open floor plan and high ceilings, the interior can resemble a factory. To avoid this effect, you should use bright focal points, and place them throughout the space.

If the wall space in the house is large and open, it can be filled with paintings or pendants. Choose decor in colors that are more attractive to you. Various decorative pillows, vases, and carpets help to fill the interior with brightness.

The use of small furniture

As you know, not everyone can boast of a large apartment area. If the apartment has little space, however, you want to achieve a loft style, it is recommended to choose small furniture. An alternative to the classic dining set would be a double sofa and a small coffee table.

To visually expand the space, it is better to select transparent furniture. If you use a solid wood table, it closes the space. A forged table with a glass top looks more advantageous.

Sheer curtains can be hung on the windows to fill the room with natural lighting. Almost all loft-style apartments have large windows. Transparent curtains look best on them.

Try to plan the space so that the dining room, office, or bedroom is closer to the windows. This provides good natural lighting and saves on utility bills.

You should not think that in the loft style, it is appropriate to use exclusively snow-white curtains. It is appropriate to choose transparent models in different colors, based on your desire and preference.

Using additional storage space. Application of storage baskets

Frequently, people ask themselves, how do I make my first apartment cozy? Shelves can be hung on the walls to create vertical space. As you know, each person makes sure that there is enough space for storing things and decor.

If the room is small, there is no way to install massive cabinets. Therefore, the only solution is to hang shelves at eye level and a little higher. This is enough to hide important things from prying eyes. It is important to keep your documents in order. To do this, you can place them in folders and boxes, and then put them on a shelf.

Best of all, such shelves look like open walls, which are made of stone or exposed brick. At the same time, the coolness of the loft style is not disturbed. Some do not want to constantly increase the number of shelves, or fix them. In such cases, it is appropriate to install an ordinary bookcase along the wall.

As you know, stacks of bed linen and blankets look ugly and can spoil the aesthetics of the design. Therefore, it is recommended to hide all things and objects in beautiful baskets. Luckily, there are a variety of basket options on the market today. They can be colored or woven.

Baskets are sold in different sizes. Therefore, you can install them on a shelf, or hide them under the bed. It is appropriate to store winter things in massive baskets with a lid so that they are not covered with dust.

Installation of ottomans in the lounge

Practically in all houses today there are ottomans. These compact products allow you to provide ample seating space. In addition, you can hide some things in them, for example, blankets.

Often, soft ottomans are equipped with a lid that can be removed to hide things.

If you close the lid, you can put your feet on the ottoman, or use it as a chair if guests have come. Some models also have trays on top, so they can replace a coffee table.

Hiding out-of-season clothes and shoes under the bed. Use of hangers-on wheels

This decision is relevant for those who do not have closet space and whose bed is equipped with legs and is slightly raised above the ground. Under it, you can hide things. However, it is recommended to do this in special boxes, which can be found in the nearest home decor store.

This is a great solution for those who collect shoes or don’t know where to put their out-of-season clothes. To make it easier to find the right things, it is better to use transparent containers.

If you have a lot of clothes but do not have separate closet space, you can additionally purchase a hanger that is equipped with wheels. Often such models are made of PVC or metal, so they are durable. Some products have special rollers that provide convenient movement around the house.

The cost of such hangers is low, and you can use them for a long time. On the bulging rack, you can hang things that you wear most often. At the same time, you need to put it in a conspicuous place.

You can find interesting models that are complemented by shelves. On them, you can put wire baskets filled with shoes and accessories. Containers with lids in which you can store linen look beautiful.

Creating color harmony: natural light and neutral tones. Using the designer furniture

Neutral shades in the loft style are recommended to be used as complementary ones. They have a calming effect and help create a harmonious atmosphere. At the same time, a neutral color scheme is not provoking color conflicts.

When choosing a gamma, it is important to focus on a style. If you prefer a classic loft, choose black and white. A modern, spacious loft needs to be decorated in neutral and bright colors. Bright gamma is used to place accents.

Experienced designers advise stopping at only 2-3 shades so that the space is not overloaded. Then set the accents with metallic bright shades. They are best used in decor, namely, in pillows, rugs, and curtains.

Interesting details, including designer furniture, help to beat the space beautifully. You can order bookshelves according to an individual drawing that enlivens concrete walls.

On such shelves, you can lay out not only books. This is a great place to display souvenirs as well as collectibles.

Choosing a double-sided fireplace

To make the interior of your new loft apartment warm and fill you with pleasant emotions, it is appropriate to install a fireplace in the living room. Double-sided fireplaces help delimit the space and give the loft style a more homely feel.

Against the backdrop of the fireplace, you can enjoy hot cocoa and receive guests. This creates a family atmosphere, even in a cool loft.

As you know, many loft-style seems uncomfortable. However, using a fireplace can make an open floor plan feel warmer. The double-sided fireplaces are inexpensive, and at the same time, they help fill the space with warm air a little. This is a great solution for winter when you want to warm up.

It is rather difficult and costly to install such structures. After all, it is necessary to equip a second chimney, as well as use additional fuel options.

Turning a loft into a purpose space. Mixing metals, textures, and patterns

Often people do not use the loft style in the whole house, but only in some rooms. The loft style has many functions, so it can be used for an office or bedroom. First, you need to decide on priorities, and then proceed to implement innovations.

If you plan to transform the attic, you need to draw up an architectural plan in advance. It is important to take into account the building codes that apply in your area.

The loft style turns out perfect if you learn how to correctly combine different metals, patterns, and textures. If the task is to emphasize an aesthetically exposed brick wall, several metal options can be combined. Especially if the work is carried out against a neutral background.

A loft-style room looks quite original if you combine several patterns. Therefore, it is appropriate to choose pillows, coffee tables, and upholstery of upholstered furniture groupings with similar patterns. You can create both subtle and bold designs for your individual rooms. It all depends on what effect you want to achieve.

Patterns are appropriate to combine with a variety of textures, for example, with carpets. However, you need to remember the sense of proportion. You should not overdo it with decorative elements so that the room does not seem busy.

It may seem to many that it is rather difficult to combine different types of metals. However, there are a few tips that make the process easier. First, you need to decide what material is the main one. After that, you should choose a few accent metals. This should not create a conflict between them.

It is important to focus on the finish of the metal. If it is soft and done in muted matte tones, the combination is much easier. After all, it is difficult to work with polished and shiny metals.

Sound quality improvement

As you know, a cavernous space with high ceilings can cause sound distortion. That is why it is recommended to lay floor tiles in the room that can absorb sounds.

There are also quite budget options on the market, so it is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money on repairs.

The cheapest way to reduce reflected sound is with carpeted floors. If walls are causing the problem, acoustic panels can be installed. They consist of boards or fabric and are hung on the walls.


As you can see, a few simple solutions help make a loft-style room cozy. Therefore, you should consider what textiles are, as well as decorative elements. However, try not to overdo it. After all, the style with industrial features should not be completely homely. It is necessary to take care of the safety of its individuality.

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