September 26, 2023
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The Best Air Innovations Humidifier Review


Air Innovations company produces high-quality household technic. We want to pay extra attention to their humidifiers and air filters. Long service life, functionality, convenient large water tanks, easy using and setup.

Because of a permanent ceramic filter, these humidifiers produce rich, clean mist at home.


A humidifier should be in every room, where the air circulated poorly. Not only cleaning the air but preventing from the growth of bacteria inside the air innovations humidifier and outside in the room.


Here we have got the best models of humidifiers from Air Innovations. We carefully checked out other air innovations clean mist smart humidifier reviews and made a new better one with all the details. Let’s take a look at them in detail.


About Air Innovations


The company’s CEO and the president is businessman Joseph McDonnell. His brand has achieved great success, and it is a part of another brand group – For Life Products Inc.


Humidifiers of this company have a wide functionality with modern technologies. The company positively impacts the quality of life with its devices. They make purifiers, humidifiers, aromatherapy diffusers, and fans. The experience of working with this technique is always convenient and at a positive level.


Differences between Air Innovations and their competitors


We present several factors that can be used to evaluate the Air Innovations technology from their competitors.


  • These humidifiers work very quietly, thanks to the ultrasonic mist and the permanent ceramic filter. This powerful combination makes the air cleaner and refreshes it. Nowadays, these models are among the quietest on the market. Convenient time-tested features make these humidifiers even more attractive to buyers.


  • Long Working Time


  • Air Innovations humidifiers are able to work for up to 120 hours on single tank water fill. This is one of the highest values among competitors on the market. The design is made to take up less space in the room. All these factors positively affect the quality and speed of the mist produced for the room.


  • For maximum cleaning and saturation effect, use distilled water for the qvc humidifier. It will prevent the occurrence of sediment, and the filter is always clean for air circulation. You can use regular water, but in this case, keep the tank clean. At different locations, the water has a various hardness and can lead to the appearance of sediment. It is enough to wash it off with water, fill it with clean water and continue working on air circulation.


  • Some models of humidifiers have dual nozzles to make mist around the room and cover twice up more space. This option has a convenient setting and the design is made so that the air innovations fan does not take up much space in the room. The models are available in several colors, so the unit can be selected according to the decor of your bedroom.


  • Advanced Digital Interface with LED Display


  • Change timer settings with a fully programmable timer, make a schedule to turn the air innovations humidifier on and off. Control mist level, current humidity level, and set the level you prefer. When the unit is out of the water, the smart display alerts and asks to refill the tank again for the next use.


Humidifiers by Air Innovations take care of your health. Rich air helps to feel better, reduces the risk of respiratory diseases, and moisturizes the skin. It is all thanks to antimicrobial materials. Bacteria and mold have no chance to multiply in the room. People with allergies do not have to worry when using these air innovations humidifiers. The air is naturally saturated and purified by hypoallergenic materials. The company’s products are regularly checked for quality, and they guarantee a high effect while using.


With Air Innovations humidifiers, you can save money. The unit has the function of maintaining the humidity level in the room. For example, in winter, the air warms the room, and less money will be spent on heating bills.


Air Innovations Humidifier MH-901DA


                                          Color: Platinum                                 Dimensions: 12.3 x 10.6 x 18.4 inches

                                          Brand: Air Innovations                   Capacity: 1.72 Gallons

                                          Material: Plastic


  • Large 1.7 gallon with up to 100 working hours. Silent and compact unit among the other innovations humidifiers.


  • Permanent Ceramic Filter removes all negative bacteria and cleans the air in the room.


  • Removable nozzle, dual-direction work, 5-level adjustable.


  • Timer settings and auto shut down when water is over at the tank.


  • User-friendly controls and LED display helps to adjust the Humidistat and timer.


1.72 gallon tank with the powerful and smart system makes mist spreading with the best effect and pureness. Adjust the power with 5-level options, use timer settings if needed. Be sure that the entire room air is fresh and cleaned. Do not worry about water refill, because the air innovations clean mist ultrasonic dual tank humidifier works almost 100 hours without extra filling.

Forget about lugging a heavy water tank and placing it on base. Easy to clean base with no problem reaching places in it. The air innovations humidifier makes the air clean and is ideal for children’s sleep. The sleep is deep and calm because the unit works calmly and does not need extra installing or maintenance.


Make sure the system is clear and nothing prevents its working for the best effect. No impact on wooden stuff while working: all the things are rehydrated by the unit and have no water damage at all.


Air Innovations MH-701BA Ultrasonic


                                                      Color: Platinum                    Power Source: Corded Electric

                                                       Brand: Air Innovations       Item Weight: 3.83 Pounds

                                                       Material: Wood                     Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 18.5 inches


  • Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. Clean moisture for any type of room.


  • 1.7 gallon capacity, works up to 96 hours.


  • Timer and variable 5-speed mist settings.


  • Quiet work and compact dimensions. Ideal for work during sleeping hours.


  • Works with permanent ceramic filter, able to shut down after water is over. Dual mist nozzle, remote control feature, 16-inch diameter extension nozzle, and aromatherapy feature.


Feel free and comfortable with this unit at home. This air innovations mh-701b has got 1.7 gallon tank with up to 96 hours of working time. The air innovations humidifier is able to work for 12 nights without water refilling. The sleep is deep and healthy. The air innovations top fill humidifier works quietly, so nothing is disturbing during sleep. The MH-701BA is able to cover the room up to 600 sq. ft. The humidifier has got aromatherapy feature, timer and power changing.


The aromatherapy option is able to make the air in the room even more pleasant. If you like aromas, for example, lavender, some citrus, fir, chamomile, then with this option you can pleasantly enrich the air. The beneficial properties of the air innovations aroma pads are equally spread inside the room. The filter additionally purifies the air and spreads the fragrance. This has a positive effect on the air in the room, making it light and rich. You can turn on the timer in advance and get the result real quick without any extra moves.


Extra-wide easy opening and top/bottom handles make the air innovations air purifier much more convenient. Permanent Ceramic Filter helps children feeling and sleeping better, prevents rehydrate skin, throat diseases, dry eyes. The unit is designed that way, you can use it on the floor or on a table, because of its 15-inch nozzle. You can set the preferred setting of humidity for the entire room. The unit keeps the humidity level. If the level drops, the unit turns on automatically and makes the preferred level again to keep the air in the right condition.


Air Innovations MH-901DA High Capacity Black


                                                             Color: Black                                         Power Source: AC

                                                             Brand: Air Innovations                    Item Weight: 4.4 Pounds

                                                             Material: Plastic


  • Works for 100 hours, 6 gallon capacity, fits for rooms 600 sq. ft.


  • Cleaning, purifying and healthy recycling the air by the permanent ceramic filter.


  • The tank construction and material help to prevent unhealthy bacteria from growing and spreading around the air.


  • Dual mist nozzle and ext. nozzle for 15L.


  • Different mist power settings for any situation.


  • LED display with the mist output, adjusting the humidistat and timer information.


This unit is one of the best in the list of top filling humidifiers, because of its longest running and top-rated since it was released.

1.6 gallon tank works for about 100 hours that equals almost 13 nights. Fits for rooms up to 600 sq. ft., works quietly and has got enough power to clean and purify the air real quick. User-friendly LED display allows choosing different mist speed, timer settings, everything for the air control and effective cleaning. The special inhibitor prevents microbial growing inside and outside the unit, this way it cleans the air and itself both. The permanent ceramic filter works perfectly, and you do not need to replace it. Water adding is easy and does not need base removing. The air innovations humidifier qvc also has a 360-degree rotating mist nozzle, so the mist direction can be chosen. Easy convertible from a table-top to a floor humidifier with 15-inch extension nozzle. The unit helps to keep your skin and sleep better and comfortable. Moreover, it rehydrates wooden furniture at home.


If you have a house built a long time ago, do not worry about turning on the unit inside. It regulates the humidity of the air only and does not increase the moisture absorption of walls, floors and other house wood structures. Cleaning the air only increases the life of the house structure, as it cleans the air from mold and bacteria that destroy the structure of the wood during the time. Just set the desired humidity level with the LED display and get comfortable.


To get even more cleaning effect and make the service life longer, use distiller water to run and rinse the tank regularly.


Air Innovations MH-408 Smart Humidifier


                                                    Color: Black                                            Item Weight: 2.9 Pounds

                                                    Brand: Air Innovations                       Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 14 inches

                                                    Material: Plastic


  • Permanent ceramic filter does not need to be replaced, works for 70 hours with every 3-day water filling.


  • Timer settings for shutting down when needed.


  • Dual nozzle option, silent work, mist output adjusting.


  • Helps to keep the immune system, breathe and sleep on a healthy level.


This unit fits rooms up to 400 sq. ft. and has got 1.1 gallon tank for 70 working hours. Water and the mist are always clean because of using a permanent ceramic filter. Feel free to change mist direction by using a 360-degree nozzle, so every corner of the room gets the effect of cleaning. It is easy to use and control the unit, easy carrying with convenient handles and filling up water quickly. You can even put your fingers under the tank to lift it from the base if needed.


This air innovations humidifier is ideal for small and medium rooms due to its design and the power of the motor. The whole room is saturated with healthy rich air in the shortest possible time. You can plan the air purification in advance, just use the timer settings. For example, this option is very useful for preparing your children’s bedroom before their going to bed, so that their sleep is long, not interrupted and contributes to improving well-being and all brain function.


Healthy mist not only positively impacts people, it is rehydrates wood furniture, such as cabinets, musical instruments, windows, floor and wooden walls.


The unit adds moisture to the dry air. This is especially important when using a heater during winter or cold months. A heater makes the air dry. Contacting dry air and cold atmosphere outside can negatively impact health. So the unit helps to keep your nasal passages lubricated, so the breath goes easier.


Air Innovations MH-513 Cool Mist Humidifier


                                                 Color: Teal                                                       Item Weight: 2.8 Pounds

                                                 Brand: Air Innovations                               Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 16 inches

                                                 Material: Ceramic


  • Permanent ceramic filter does not need to be replaced after use.


  • An 1.1 gallon capacity unit.


  • One tank works for 70 hours without extra water refill.


  • Does not interrupt sleep, works quietly


  • 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty


Looking for a compact and well-designed humidifier? Tired of reading other air innovations reviews? Take a look at this one. 1.1 gallon tank, almost 9 working hours, silent running. Easily fits for rooms up to 400 sq. ft. Easy water refilling, rotating a 360-degree nozzle, auto shut down when the process is done. Everything for comfortable use without loud noise at home. Move the unit around the place with convenient handles, leave it for the whole night for cleaning or turn it on and set the timer for shutting down after. Do not worry about the filter, it works perfectly and there is no need to replace it.


Along with the unit here comes a simple user-friendly manual to get the information about the first setup and start-up. Any person is able to understand the manual, no complicated actions are required. Follow the precautions. Clean the device if it has formed a plaque or sediment from non-distilled water. All these actions help for stable work of the unit and improve the quality of its work and the air. A clean unit circulates the air much faster.


Enjoy your well sleeping or resting time and get healthy with this pure rich air at home.


Air Innovations MH-505 Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier (Blue)


                                          Color: Blue                                         Item Weight: 3.5 Pounds

                                          Brand: Air Innovations                   Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.5 x 12.75 inches

                                          Material: Wood, Plastic


  • Permanent ceramic filter, you never need to buy a new one instead.


  • Works for 70 hours on one tank and needs refilling every 3 days.


  • Aromatherapy and timer features, calm and relaxing fragrance


  • Dual nozzle option, LED display, changing mist output power, silent work.


  • Different 4 mist settings, healthcare.


Tired of everyday refilling your unit? Try out this digital humidifier. Runs up for almost 9 nights without refilling and extra checking. 1.37 gallon tank works perfectly for you and makes less noise during running. Quite enough for rooms up to 400 sq. ft. Adjust timer settings and shutting down, enjoy the pure and fresh air with a permanent ceramic filter. Choose a program and the power of spreading the mist.


The aromatherapy option helps to make the air in the room even more pleasant. If you like aromas, for example, lavender, citrus, fir, chamomile, then with this unit you can spread the aroma in the room by using special air innovations humidifier aroma pads. The filter additionally purifies the air and spreads the fragrance. This has a positive effect on the air in the room, making it light and rich. You can turn on the timer in advance and get the finished result very quickly without any difficulties.


To cover all the room use a 360-degree mist nozzle. When finished one room, just move it to another and turn it on again. If you left home with the air innovations clean mist humidifier turned on and forget about the water level, it turns off when the water is over. Another way of cleaning the air in advance is using the timer and choosing one of 4 mist settings to get the result whenever you need it. Let the whole house be fresh and healthy. The filer prevents bacteria from multiplying and makes the air warm in wintertime. This will definitely help you to save money. All wooden stuff is protected from water damaging and rehydrates at the same time.




If you decided to buy a humidifier, you can definitely choose one from Air Innovations. They have a rich choice of models for any situation. Different gallons for any type of rooms, cabinets, halls, dorms, offices, etc. Special unique design and color make them even more attractive and nice. Fresh clean air prevents bacteria from spreading and a permanent ceramic filter provides deep mist for every room corner. With a humidifier, your children sleep and rest well, and their immune system just keeps getting better. Easy to install and water refill, simple cleaning and moving around – it is all Air Innovations humidifiers.


Also look for an air conditioner for your home, an overview of which is presented in this article.


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