May 31, 2023
washable air filters

The 6 best reusable furnace washable air filters


To have fresh and clean air all time in your home space it is very important to use two types of filters – washable ac filters or disposable ones. But we’ll look at the benefits of the first type in this article.

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We will tell you why reusable air tool fits more for the HVAC system. It will be a list of the six most appropriate products that the consumers can select for their needs and home deals. Besides it, we plan to reply what are air filters made of? As for it, the user needs to understand the matter of product to make a choice carefully and properly.


But let’s explain why we should utilize HVAC cleaning units. First of all, they provide purifying the air in different accommodations and catch a various range of unwanted particles like mold, dust, pet hairs, and so on. After this procedure, the air becomes cleaner and influences on consumer’s health accordingly.

Apart from it, you should know how properly the user should select to waste money for nothing and get the model of the filter according to the requirements of the HVAC system in the house. The overview also gives answers about what elements of the filter include in the tool. And then you will be aware of it and can choose the wanted product.



Now start with the question what is a reusable air filter?

Comparing with disposable filters the main difference is that the first type could be washed and used again. Another question is what are furnace filters made of? The materials of the tools are usually aluminum and woven polypropylene. The last makes required electrostatic state and this property helps to stick the dust into the walls of the filter.


But let’s go to the review of the 6 best washable filters! We are assured it gives you good chances for selecting a favorable one.



1. AirThreds 16x25x1 Air Filter


This brand product is considered to be one of the world leaders among washable furnace filters that are used in the household. The manufacturer declares you have to clean the item only one time a month or even rarer and after that the filter again becomes fresh. This is a tremendous advantage sure.


AirThreds filter is designed with natural matter which contains electrostatic features that’s why it allows catching the most of mold, dust particles, pollen, and so on in your house. The rating of the item is 8 MERV level and so the filter performs its work perfectly to provide proper air flow.


Besides, the company commits that its products save money and reduce costs than single-use air filters. Also, AirThreds gives a long-term warranty and it means the item is made of high-quality material according to the world and ecological standards.


The material of the product is polyester which permits full reliability in usage for your furnace. Apart from this, one of the reusable air filter settings is available of static electricity giving a smooth flow of air thanks to this various number of dust particles stays in the filter itself. It is the advantage of AirThreds as well.


The manufacturer tells his washable air filter get through tests of all kinds therefore it is maintained within not less than three years. And if the item breaks for the first year the company replaces it without any questions. Meanwhile, in addition to the product AirThreds also includes a reminder board, carrying case in the set of the filter. The conclusion is we highly recommend buying this brand undoubtedly!




2. 16x25x1 CARTER MERV 8 HVAC & Furnace Filter


MERV rating of the brand is “8” value and this is an essential benefit among other washable air filters. Also, it is designed with a golden-colored frame that ideally fits the interior of your house. The item must contain tiny holes giving the possibility to expel all dust particles from your space in the house.


Due to this, there is an insignificant burden on the flow rate of the furnace. So it has the same meaning as you used the past filter. Besides, you need to pay attention that the item could magnet pet hairs that’s why the filter excellent fits the pet owner. So take into account such details. Let’s get some summary and talk about the pros and cons regarding the brand!


As for advantages, experts note the following:

  •     Easy to install because it doesn’t require adjusting and cutting measures;
  •    It remains the flow rate at an acceptable level so the value doesn’t decrease: this is a useful function;
  •     Washable filter allows avoiding the spreading of different allergies.

But what’s about the shortcomings? They are practically absent maybe it includes only cleaning the items on regular basis to prevent problems with the filter maintenance.




3. Duraflow Filtration Electrostatic Filter for Home Furnaces


Now we introduce permanent air filter of Duraflow Filtration manufacturer. He declares that the item will be maintained for long years if you keep it with thorough care. The main fact is the product is made of electrostatic materials that help to catch various small unwished particles and remain them out of your comfortable space.


Also, another benefit is the easy clean procedure because the brand has an aluminum frame with small holes. To keep it in a suitable state the producer recommends washing the filter every three months and even more often under having the pets in the house. Besides it, these reusable air filters are MERV 8 rated.


In conclusion, the product will perform for a long time as Duraflow Filtration gives such warranty that’s why you may be assured in its high-quality. We consider the item is a durable and acceptable one for permanent using daily.



4. K&N 16x25x1 HVAC Furnace Air Filter



Some consumers suppose that this brand is the best washable air filter they utilize ever. If you look at the item you find a pleasant strong frame and filtration element that are well made of high-quality synthetic materials. It also consists of small screws and openings staying along the ridges. Such structure allows decreasing the noise volume and prevents the furnace from drumming.


Another significant advantage is featured with easy cleaning of the item: you can arrange it without any problems even after 2-3 months of not being washed. The householders could use K&N washable filters to expel various numbers of dust particles, pet hairs, and so on.


Apart from it, the consumers save their money in the usage of the brand than disposable filters. The sum figures up to thirty dollars a year. In addition, the product permits to defend the house from pathogenous forms, for instance, allergens, etc.


Also, there is tremendous airflow in the product that provides suitable efficiency for the HVAC system. But the main thing we need to repeat is the reusable ability for a long time, moreover, the MERV rating doesn’t lower in this period.


The manufacturer gives a warranty on the tool and it means the defects of its parts will be revised immediately. That’s why you could be assured your placed filter will work like new for several years as declared. But let’s get a summary of the pros and cons of K&N reuseable furnace filters!


The tool has the following advantages:

  • It ideally provides all volume of airflow from the ventilation beginning;
  • Available of small screws allows lowering noise level and get comfortable to consumer’s ears.
  • Long term usage is guaranteed by reliable and strong material of good quality as the manufacturer tells;

But what’s about shortcomings? We need to emphasize only one of it:

  • Some mud may stick to the product and due to this, the cleaning becomes more annoying for you.


5. Washable Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter (16x20x1) by Venti Tech



Venti Tech introduces its own reusable filter to your attention. The material of the product is woven polypropylene which is featured with its unique properties, for example, electrostatic setting. Therefore you can feel comfortable recognizing that your conditioning system provides air fresh and clean.


The washable furnace filter of the brand helps to avoid restrictions in the airflow movement otherwise the strength will be decreased. But there is good news for the consumers: Venti Tech tools are designed in a suitable way that they reduce flow resistance and last the maintenance of the item. And you may not replace the components of the filter for a long time that’s why it is not stressed so much like other types of tools. This is a totally excellent benefit, isn’t it?


So now talk about washable air filter vs disposable. The statistics tell us every consumer in the USA averagely utilizes about slightly three hundred single-use filters within their life. But if you go to reuseable furnace filter, life takes consistent value for you. Apart from it, your financial costs will be reduced undoubtedly! Also, you improve the ecological situation in our country.


The users note as well that when installing the tool it needs to make some small push to set the system into the appropriate slot. So it fits perfectly to use in ventilation aims but don’t forget to wash Venti Tech product one time 3 months and after it dries properly to set up again and avoid rusting. So then the item works effectively if take into account the above-mentioned points.


Let’s get a summary of its benefits. They are as follow:

  • Provide airflow of high quality and this property helps to expel different unwished particles from the unit;
  • This is reusable furnace filter that is utilized instead of single-use analog and only requires periodical cleaning;
  • It has durability and generally this extends the time of using of the product because of less stress on the tool, you know;
  • In the long run it decreases your money as the products are more effective, comparing with disposable units. Just believe and start investing in washable items. You also should understand the work of them reduces energy consumption as well!
  • The company declares they are ready to satisfy any need of their customer in the field. If the clients have problems regarding using the filters, just call the service center of Venti Tech! The manufacturer is assured he could solve the questions.


6. Trophy Air 16x25x1 HVAC Furnace Air Filter



The washable air conditioner filter of the brand is supposed to be a world leader in the field. The item consists of aluminum wire which has a wave-like form on the unit frame. Experts also note the density of filter ends: they don’t bend after long use. Besides it, the Trophy will easily capture a various range of the particles and it is the main benefit of the product.


You will be impressed when you see the result of maintenance of the tool: this is really outstanding work, comparing with usual disposable units. The volume of noise also is low since the structure allows setting the screws tightly in the filter slot. Al the mentioned above means that the brand suits every consumer who wants to get fresh and clean air.


Let’s summarize the advantages of this air purifier washable filter below:

  • The system is featured with improved HVAC efficiency. It means that appropriate airflow affords lowering its resistance and provides less pressure on the unit.
  • The air becomes fresher and cleaner due to the metal air filters and that’s why your life will be without different types of allergy irritations like pollen, pet hairs, and so on.
  • The brand product is featured with excellent quality of design. The filter has four aluminum layers and two electrostatic layers that ensure strong durability and long-term performance.
  • Also, you can install and replace the filters in the unit unstressed that’s why it needs a little time for maintenance. And it is easy to clean as well, you know.
  • The product is manufactured in the USA and local consumers especially can be assured in the quality of Trophy Air brand: you can find a lot of positive reviews, for example, at Amazon.


Final conclusion

Now you know what common points should cut to fit air filter into HVAC system of your house. We overviewed the most suitable models that can be used in air conditioning aims. Before buying it you should weigh the main factors regarding the tools. But we sure the units can provide excellent furnace filter airflow. Meanwhile, the most important factors of the product are the strong metal structure, reliable filtration elements, and warranty.


It is hard to find a good product but if try you can choose the required one for your needs in home deals. Note the last filter in our review -Trophy Air model – it is worth using such reusable ac filters of its brand.


Besides, you may select other systems that are mentioned above in the list. Anyway, your house will be cleaner after the performance of the filters in the overview.

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