September 26, 2023
vintage desk lamp

Vintage Desk Lamp Review

All of us have faced a situation when you do not want to turn on the main light in the room, but the room is also dark. This problem can easily be solved by a vintage desk lamp. The lamp that stands on the industrial design tables is not just a lovely piece of decor, but also a very good item for daily use.

When choosing a lamp for a table, it is important that it has a pleasant type of lighting for you. It depends of course on the light bulb. It can shine more white or more yellow light. You just need to choose what color you like best and screw in the right light bulb.


Also, you should pay attention to the size of the lamp itself, because it should not occupy half of the table. It should be a normal size relative to your desk so that you are comfortable using it.


It would also be quite nice to choose a lamp with light intensity control. So that you can adjust the brightness from the lowest brightness threshold to the brightest possible level.


So, let’s proceed to a more detailed description.

As mentioned earlier, such a lamp should not only be practical and functional but also beautiful. If you are a fan of unusual things, then you will definitely like this lamp. Lamps of this type are made in different styles but they are all somewhat similar so it is likely that if you like one of the lamps you will like all the others.


Let’s take a look at a few different industrial style lamps.

Some of them are just gothic, some are more steampunk, and with the help of some, you can charge your gadgets directly because they have a special compartment with USB. This is very convenient.


  Number one is an incredibly interesting lamp.

You can only screw an incandescent light bulb into it, so be careful in choosing the bulbs.

The lamp body itself is made in the form of a robot that stands. This is a very interesting design move that will definitely catch the eye of your guests.

It is important to note that this lamp is made entirely by hand.

The iron is unusually hard, so the lamp is quite heavy. This is also a plus because accidentally dropping it from the table will not be so easy.


Please note that the light bulb is not included in the kit. You can use a light bulb with a voltage of only 60 watts. This lamp is designed for you to use it in any room of your apartment. Everything you need to connect and use the lamp is already included, with the exception of the light bulb.



Vintage industrial desk lamp number two

Is made of steel in a silver shade. It is made in a much more Gothic style than the previous one, but still as beautifully stylish.

The manufacturer claims that this lamp can be suitable for the decor of absolutely any room in your home and we fully agree with him. It will fit perfectly into any room in your apartment or house.


Made from recycled metal, this lamp will appeal even to those who are fans of an eco-friendly lifestyle and all that. The metal in the industrial desk lamp body makes it extremely strong and at the same time quite heavy, making it easier to hold on the table and difficult to drop. The lamp is made entirely by hand. All buttons for switching on and off are intuitive and you will have no problems to understand them.


It is also important to note that the light bulbs are not included with the lamp. You will need to buy them separately. It is also important to buy an incandescent lamp because it is more suitable for the style of others and is also more useful for vision.


In the third place

An incredibly Gothic table vintage industrial desk lamp is comfortably located. It is made entirely of metal, which makes it look incredibly bulky but at the same time confident on its feet.

The lamp takes up relatively little space, so you can use it as a vintage industrial lamp on your bedside table. This makes it different from the other lamps presented here, which are much larger in size. A convenient switch on the lamp is made so that you can adjust the brightness of your lamp. Thanks to this, it is just perfect not only for intensive work but also for relaxing while reading books and meditating.

Also on the side of the body of this lamp there are two holes for the USB, thanks to which you can charge your devices without taking up precious space in the socket.


Thanks to its steampunk appearance, this desk lamp industrial looks perfect not only in an apartment but also in a cafe and just apartments. It is recommended to use an incandescent lamp in it because it looks most aesthetically pleasing in it. Also, an incandescent lamp with a yellow tint of light is already included in the kit of this lamp.


The lamp number four

looks like the previous desk lamp with USB port. It is also made in a strict Gothic style and also has a USB charging port.

But something about this DIY pipe lamp is certainly different! It is made not only of metal but also of glass, which makes it much more interesting and tempting.


This lamp is also notable for the fact that you can choose the brightness level in the lamp itself. It is adjustable from a very dim to a divinely bright level, which in my opinion is quite a convenient addition. Thanks to this function, you can not only work intensively with this lamp but also relax and meditate. Very convenient.


The light bulb is not included in the package and therefore you will need to buy a 60 watt light bulb separately. We recommend that you buy a light bulb with a yellow undertone because it is such a light bulb that will give more aesthetics and beauty to your home in combination with such a lamp. It is also important that this lamp itself is very aesthetic and you will definitely need to choose for it


Well, in the last place we have a industrial table lamp number 5

Also made of metal completely and painted in bronze. It perfectly illustrates the steampunk style of the 19th century thanks to its shape, the valve for switching on and off, and also thanks to the light bulb itself.


Be sure to use an incandescent light bulb with a yellow tint to achieve the most aesthetic appearance. You should also buy a 60-watt light bulb. The light bulb is not included. Made in a fairly minimalist design, it will definitely fit into any room in your room.

It is also important that you can return it within 30 days from the date of purchase if you do not like something.



In conclusion, I would like to say that you should definitely choose such a industrial style desk lamp if your apartment is made in the appropriate shades and style. It is also ideal in a Scandinavian interior and just in a minimalistic interior.


You do not need to worry about the price because in this list there are lamps from completely different price categories and you will definitely choose what you like. Also, the diy industrial desk lamp are so diverse that it allows you to choose from completely different lamps.


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